Cognard Hanshi

Cognard Hanshi

Aikishintaiso seminar in Yagyu

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21/10/2018 - 30/10/2018


The Yagyu dojo is an historic place where we are lucky and honored to be received. An seminar in Yagyu is an initiatory moment and you must prepare yourself physically and internally. This is an exceptional opportunity to experience through intensive practice in a place filled with energy and the presence of the greatest samurai in Japanese history.

Before proceeding with registration, you must be aware of your commitment to respect the discipline of the Yagyu dojo and temples, to attend all classes and to be accommodated in the dojo.

Any registration will be submitted to me for validation.

Cognard Hanshi


2nd seminar: aikishintaiso
Led by Cognard Hanshi and Cognard Anne sensei
Dates: Arrival on October 2st morning, departure on October 30th, 2018
Arrivals are in Osaka – Kansai airport before 10am (if you arrive before this date, the appointment will also be on October 21 at the airport before 10am). We will pick you up at the airport.
At the end of the course, we will drop you off at Kansai airport on the evening of Monday October 29th and you will have to organize your own accommodation at the airport. Do not plan to leave until the morning of the 30th.

We will arrive in Yagyu on the evening of October 21st and the training will begin on the morning of the 22nd. Classes will be held in the morning, the afternoon will be free and will be an opportunity to visit Nara and the region. We will leave Yagyu on October 27th after lunch and continue the training with visits and stay in places related to the practice, especially in temples.

Accommodation rate in Yagyu: around 8,000 yen / day (meals included)
Price for accommodation outside Yagyu: around 13,000 yen per day (dinner and breakfast included).
It is customary for a fund to be made by car to cover the cost of gasoline, toll and parking..
Cost of the internship: 450 euros, this includes the rental of cars, miscellaneous organization costs.

Registration deadline: AUGUST 05, 2018.
For organizational reasons, it is imperative to register on time.
Please send an email to

Payment of a deposit after approval of your registration of an amount of 150 euros before August 10, 2018, the balance of the payment of the seminar will be payable before September 15, 2018.

For the Yondan seminar, Cognard Hanshi asks you to indicate your intention to participate at the earliest.
As for the people who will participate in the demonstrations, another letter concerning accommodation and transportation will be sent to you.


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