Allamand-Lemaire Shihan

Allamand-Lemaire Aikido Shihan began in 1982 with Charles Abelé. It is thanks to him that she met Cognard Hanshi.
She quickly began a journey through the different cycles of teacher education that continues today.
She was admitted to the examination of 6th dan on 4 December 2010.
Since 1990, she lives and teaches Aikido and Aikishintaiso in northern Italy.
With Jerome Allamand she founded in 1993, ALPA (Accademia di Aikido) that she currently runs as technical director.
She teaches weekly classes, courses, workshops and training.
She leads among other preparatory teacher training in Milan.
She also develops Aikido Aikishintaiso in other areas (arts, education, vocational training), particularly in connection with dance and theater in collaboration with choreographer and director.

Pour moi l’Aikido est :

« Pratique et enseignement »

Pratiquer c’est :

Donner et recevoir
Chercher, trouver et retrouver
Vivre,ressentir ,observer, comprendre
Difficulé, plaisir, détermination
Parcours et évolution…

Enseigner c’est :

Observer, donner
Guider, aimer
Ouverture et attention
Créer, inventer, découvrir…allamand-a