Barthélémy Shihandai

Barthélémy Shihandai

Frank Barthélémy took up aikido in November 1985 at Luminy University of Science in Marseilles, under the guidance of Mr Pierre Longayrou.
From December 1986 to June 1989, he practised aikido at the dojo in Mazargues, run by Mr Roger Vitestelle and affiliated with the FFAB.During this period, he attended national and regional courses led by several instructors (Avy, Pellerin,Seki, Trognon,Tamura Shihan, Benedetti…).
He obtained his first kyu in 1988.
In June 1989, Vitestelle sensei advised his students to read « Le noeud de la ceinture » by André Cognard.

For professional reasons, he settled in the Grenoble area in 1989 and met Matoian Shihan, a student of Cognard Hanshi, at the dojo of Pont de Beauvoisin. Since then, he has been following Matoian Shihan’s teachings and has been attending Cognard Hanshi’s courses and training seminars as well as aikido and aiki shin taiso instructional programs organised by the Kobayashi Hirokazu Aikido Autonomous Academy.

In 1990, he subscribed to the the EFE (instructor training program)
In 1991, he obtained Shodan granted by Cognard Hanshi, (like all his following gradings)
In September 1991, he started teaching aikido at the dojo in Pont de Beauvoisin.
In 2005, he was awarded godan.
In 2008, he subscribed to the IAT (aiki shin taiso institute)

When Matoïan Shihan left the Grenoble area, he became the technical director of the Académie Régionale d’Aikido Dauphiné Savoie.
He currently teaches aikido and aiki shin taiso in three dojos and is in charge of an instructor training program on a regional level (prépa EFE).

Date Event
28/08/2017 - 02/09/2017 Barthélémy Shihandai - Stage d'Aikido à Vif Dojo Salle Heigeas, Vif