Born in 1958, he is interested early in everything dealing with Asia.

At 12, he began martial arts with Judo. A few years later he started Karate, it was only in 1982 that he went on the way of Aikido That occurred in a club of Lyon (France), the teacher was then André Cognard (who nobody called Master at that time).

In 1983 he met Master KOBAYASHI Hirokazu and started the Education School for Teaching (EST). A few time later he started Aiki-Shin-Taiso, another discipline.

Then he left Lyon to go to Paris for professional reasons. His practice went on by training in a lot of sessions in France and Europe and by creating new clubs in Paris.

Rapidly he was assistant and then teacher, especially at the moment of a group of « preparation EST » was created, directed by PAVIOT-DOSOLLA Marcella. In 1989 he left Paris and created in Rouen and suburbs (Normandy) new clubs. For one year and a half he was a professional teacher of Aikido. Those years he was also in charge of others clubs in Brittany and Touraine and of a group of « Prepa EST ».

In 1998 he had a new professional transfer and left Normandy to go to the North of France. Some of his student became teachers and took all the existing clubs. He didn’t surrender : his activities in Normandy are still efficient and that region grow up.

In the North of France there was only one club when he arrived, in Roncq (near Lille). He was asked to teach but he always refused to teach Aikido and created an Aiki-Shin-Taiso group, that discipline was then missing in the region.

He accepted either to teach the arms of Aikido and to direct sessions. Later he created Aiki-Shin-Taiso Individual Workshops in the North and in Normandy too. Some years later he went to the south of Lille and created a new club, in Phalempin. Today AARL, the regional academy, has four clubs.

He passed the rokudan in 2004.

In all those years he is also an active member in the committees of 3AKH, the national academy, and KAKKHH, the International group (in which he works as treasurer).