Very early attracted to Asia, his lifestyles, his philosophies, history, it is naturally that at twelve years I began Judo. My friends at that time nicknamed me “kamikaze”. After a few years I tried Karatedo and a few years later, Yoga.

A friend, after stopping his studies, was an apprentice hairdresser. I went to the salon where he worked and one day I was talking with the boss who had practiced martial arts, including Aikido, which he found very interesting by the presence of weapons. A few months later I entered the dojo he had told me. It was in 1982, the teacher was André Cognard.

JPB_seizaAfter one year I joined the Staff College (E.F.E., School of teachers training) and started the Aiki-Taiso. Shortly after I left Lyon for Paris, worring about being able to continue my practice, our school then having no dojo. It took only two years for the first dojo to open, quickly followed by others, including one where I was the teacher. In 1989 I decided to become a professional and left to Normandy. I stayed there for ten years, professional only a little over a year, and when I moved to the North, all my clubs were taken over by different students. I am still welcome today in Normandy. A club already existed in the North, I opened another one and today other clubs were created, animated by different people, the group having grown with more and more yudansha.

Today I have a sixth dan, the title of Shihan, I am also a member of DNBK, I have the title of Kyoshi.

Professionally, I am an analyst-developer within the IT department of a large company. This activity should still last a few years …

For me, Aikido and Aiki-Shin-Taiso are not practices, they are integral to who I am and what I do. Both are intimately linked and the retreat will be for me the opportunity to continue their development.

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