Corbet Shihandai

Corbet Shihandai

I started aikido and aikishintaiso in 1988 in Lyon. My encounter with the practice was a revelation. She embodied a deep intuition that already lived me in child. As far as I can remember, I had a certainty, that I did not understand, which was that the human being does not limit himself to his visible aspects and that his depth is vast.

Then from 1988, the martial way and its spiritual dimension were a permanent, daily and structuring commitment for my life.

Today, actually, I try to practice and to teach the practice of aikido and aikishintaiso as access roads at this depth. Indeed, for me, the gesture of aikido is a search for the right spirit immediacy, attitude, energy, the time technique. The purpose of the repetition of this gesture is to achieve a coherent and adapted to the here and now.

This question of the here and now summarizes my vision: all of us  know confusedly that we act in the present by repeating, reacting, by obeying influences which can be more or less adapted to this present situation and constructive for our life and for the surrounding world.

This question of the here and now is also approached in the aikishintaiso : the postural work, movement, meditation, are wearing paths of those illusions and constraints wich alienate our bodies, our thoughts and behaviors.

I like the phrase “seek to live in the present,” and this idea is so simple that it could pass for simplistic.

Fortunately for me, someone said “there is nothing more difficult than making simple.”

I also perceive the social and professional life as a permanent working field and testing :  what aikido in our life ? How make fruit this teaching to build and pacify his life? The here and now does not stop at the door of the dojo: this is a very powerful self-repair tool, socialization, peaceful and constructive coherence layout of each with the world.

Trying to link the wisdom and experience of the past, of those who have preceded us on the way, with life in the 21st century, act freely, deep in the here and now : a great project for everyone in our modern world .
Inhabited this research and this project, I follow the teaching of Cognard Hanshi and I teach in various dojos.