Favretti Shihandai

Favretti Shihandai

Born in 1965, italian

-April 1991: begins practising Aikido in Padua (Italy) with Salvadego Shihan as teacher. Serves as uke for eight years.
-May 1991 first encounter with Hanshi Cognard and Kobayashi Hirokazu Soshu in France
-1994-today President of Accademia di Aikido di Padova.
-1999 dojo-cho of the dojo of Padua when Salvadego Shihan leaves the dojo
-1994 enters the EFE cyle in France
-1997 receives Sandan grade, enters EFEsup cycle and IAT cycle
-1998 enters IAT sup cycle
-1998 member of Kokusai Aikido Kenshukai Kobayashi Hirokazu Ha
-2004, 2005 direction of the summer aikido stage at the Kobayashi Hirokazu Kinen Aikidojo in Bourg Argental, France
-2005 receives Godan grade
-2007-today serves as Vice-secretary of the KakKHrh
-2008, 2009 direction of the Prepa IAT cycle at the Kobayashi Hirokazu Kinen Aikidojo in Bourg Argental
-2011 upon designation of Hanshi Cognard, organisation and direction of the Formazione Iniziale di Aikishintaiso in Italy
-2012 member of the KakKHrh delegation partecitating to the Kyoto Botokusai of DNBK.
-2012 Receives Renshi Title. Currently Shihan Dai of AACTG.

Other experiences: organizes aikido and aikishintaiso stages for Hanshi Cognard, conferences and public lectures for Hanshi Cognard in Padua, Rome, Mestre.

Translation in italian of the books by Hanshi Cognard « Petit manuel d’aikido » and « Père, fils, hyme, pleurs and psalmodie ».

L’aikido et l’aikishintaiso no michi ce sont les outils que j’ai trouvés pour participer à la construction du monde spirituel.
En enseignant, je veux remercier tous ceux que m’ont appris à vivre parmi les hommes et à voir dans un tas de pierre une cathédrale.