I began aikido within the Académie Autonome d’Aïkido in March 1987 with Etienne Leman. I joined the Ecole de Formation à L’Enseignement (EFE) cycle. Since I take André Cognard Hanshi classes doing his training and EFE cycles.

He awarded me the Godan grade in May 2004.

The Renshi (DNBK) title was attributed to me in April 2016 at the 5th World Butoku Saï (WBS) in Kyoto.

I headed during more than 20 years an artisan company and I’m now a freelancer.

I use the state of mind and Aiki principles for the management of my professional life : The leadership : just instinct and confidence ; integrity ; courage ; perspicacity ; ingenuity ; reactivity ; wisdom.