In 1979 Robert Gembal (born in 1970) comes to the world of martial arts, and in 1980 accedes to one of pioneering aikido dojos in Eastern Europe. At the beginning studies various currents of aikido from, so called, orthodox aikikai to Koichi Tohei’s kiaikido.

In early 80. hears about direct disciple of Morihei Ueshiba Hirokazu Kobayashi, 8° dan and the strength of his transmission in Europe. Then approaches this transmission.

Since 1985 takes up the challenge to become a disciple of master André Cognard and at age of 19 moves to France and devotes himself in studying aikido. Engaged in the relation master-disciple, serves as uke for many years and receives direct transmission. In the period between 1989-95 has a chance to learn aikido from Hirokazu Kobayashi Soshu in his seminars and summer workshops in Europe.
From many years supports the development of Aikido Kobayashi Ryu-Ha. Author of several publications dedicated to aikido and budo. Educates aikido teachers and gives seminars, wherever people love and want to develop a good foundations of aikido practice.

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