Huet Shihan

Huet Shihan

Frederic HUET began to practice Judo when he was 12 years old (September 1967). He stopped to practice in 1970, not really happy with the Judo new competition spirit. After few years without practicing, he began Aikido with Aikikai from september 1973 to 1979.

In 1979, he wanted to stop learning Aikido because, he could not satisfactorily find there the spirit and the way of teaching he was looking for. At the moment he was to stop, a friend of him asked him to come to Lyon and to practice with another Sensei: Andre Cognard.

This very different Aikido (so precise, flexible and powerful in the techniques) and way of practicing (so more traditional and more sensitive at the same time) was a new start for him and he began to come regularly to Lyon to get training with Cognard André Sensei.

In 1980, it was the first time for him to attend a training with Kobayashi Hirokazu Sensei and the amazing Aikido style of this Master was for him the confirmation of all the interest he could have in learning Aikido and he definitely decided to follow the teaching of Cognard André Sensei, who was himself following closely the teaching of Kobayashi Sensei.

He was awarded Sho (1st) Dan on November, 24th, 1985 by Cognard André Shihan. Then, he joined the EFE (Teacher’s Training School) in 1985 and then, the Aiki Shin Taiso Training School in 1988. He was teaching Aikido in Roanne and near by cities from 1983 to 1995. He teach Aikido in Roanne and its surrounding from 1983 to 1995.

He got Ni (2nd) Dan on December, 19th, 1988. In 1990, he becomes Regional Technical Director of 3A (Academie Autonome d’Aikido).
He got 3rd Dan on November, 6th, 1990. He was called as President of 3A (Academie Autonome d’Aikido) by Cognard André Shihan from 1993 to 1995.

In the same period of time (from 1988 to 1995), he was also in charge of the1st Year EFE (Aikido Teacher’s Training School) training in Lyon region and in charge of the preparation of the 1st year students in the frame of the AAT (Academy of AikiTaiso) from 1992 to 1995.

He got the Yon (4th) Dan in May 1993 from Andre Cognard Shihan. He was participating to the foundation of KAKKHH in February 1998 in Osaka, Japan and was awarded there Go (5th) Dan by Andre Cognard Shihan, just few months before Kobayashi Hirokazu Soshu passed away.

He is living in Indonesia since April 1995 and follows Cognard André Shihan teaching. He has currently founded KAKKHH Indonesia with a group of Indonesian students in order to promote the Aikido style of Kobayashi Hirokazu Soshu in Indonesia.

If i should describe the place of Aikido in my life, it will be one single word: Center. I cannot imagine my life without this amazing chance to have been invited to join and still being.

The technique is alive at every moment within its body shape and more subtle, its intellectual, spiritual, strategic, communicating shape.
This is a relational Stradivarius that we play daily. It is an internal lighthouse.

The relationship to the Master is always present even if today for me, he is geographically far away.
It is the ultimate support when a choice is difficult to make. It is never a questioning but always an answer about the position and the posture.

Huet Shihan

Huet Shihan

Today, I am not a Professional of Aikido, it is my choice. I am definitely an amateur, it is a reality, but hopefully, enlighten in a lot of sense.

For that,

I thank you, Master, I thank you, Sensei, I thank you, friends.

In a quite far period of time in an EFE, i wrote a story about a flea looking at the Universe through a window, to which it was knocking.
I was reading again yesterday a very nicely written roman, named “Soie” from Alessandro Baricco, describing one of the characters as follows:
“He was one of those men who like to witness their own life, considering as out of place any ambition to experience it. Anyone should have noticed that these men look at their destiny as most of any others look at a rainy day”.

The Aikido and the Master, one day, opened the window. The flea took off.
And the Universe did not change.
But I am there living my life.