Maccario Shihan

Maccario Shihan

Born in 1945 in Provence, he starts aikido in 1977 in Annonay, under the direction of a young teacher: André COGNARD. He participated in the creation of the Académie Autonome d’Aikido (3A) as the first president. He is a member of the EFE since its inception.

Leaving his job as an engineer, he devoted himself entirely to the teaching of Aikido Kobayashi and aikishintaiso he is teaching level 5.

He currently teaches these disciplines in Perpignan (66, France) and Ceret (66, France). He oversees the teaching of aikido Kobayashi Spain as National Technical Director for this country.

My commitment is summed up in two words: start and keep on.

Date Event
26/08/2018 Maccario Shihan - Aikido seminar in Sigean (France) Dojo municipal de Sigean, Sigean