Maccario Shihandai

Maccario Shihandai

Olivier Maccario begins to practice aikido in 1986, aged of 14th, in a summer seminar directed by Master Cognard (in Vaison la Romaine, Vaucluse).

He was lucky enough after that to practice in seminars directed by Master Kobayashi Hirokasu himself – and he has always been loyal to his style after that.

In 1992, he met Matoian Shihan in Grenoble – his Senseï – since this moment.

His first classes in the Académie Autonome d’Aikido Kobayashi Hirokazu (3AKH) were in 1990, as assistant for teenager’s training classes. He has also teached many times in EFE (training classes for teachers).

Established in Marseilles, where he also teaches mathematics, physics and chemistry (for teenagers and adults people), he begins to teach aikido in 1998.

Today, after the integration of the Shihankai in 2012, and after getting his 5 dan, he supervised the clubs around Marseilles.

In May 2013, he followed Matoian Shihan in Argentina, and gave his first seminar in Uruguay.

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