Sahut Shihan

Sahut Shihan

Since 1984 Pierre Sahut has been part of Aikido teaching of Cognard Andre Hanchi, supporter of Kobayashi Hirokazu Soshu.
Since 1988, he has taught Aikido in various establishments in Lyon and its surroundings: such as Lyon 3 University, the Trade School of Lyon, Ecole Centrale and CESI (two engineering schools) and in some Aikido schools located in Oullins, Trevoux, Villeurbanne.

For him, Aikido is a way of personal research in where individuals are dedicated in order to identify and understand themselves as well as to deal with harmonious human relations based on self-awareness, trust and the respect of the others.

As a freelance consultant he has worked in companies, hospitals, what’s more local authorities. He is especially involved in humanist management, stress, changes in the work environment and collective projects. Inspired from his martial experience of Sabre and the practise of Aïkishintaiso no michi the trainings he intends enable individuals in a company to gain common values and to have a clear view of the meaning and implication of their work. More information on his website:

Cognard Andre Hanchi attributed to him the 6th Dan in July 2004. PierreSahut is also a member of the Shihankai Kokusai Aikido Kenshukai Kobayashi Hirokazu Ryu Ha. His position was confirmed by the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai in 2012 which also awarded him the title of Kyoshi.

Pierre Sahut passed away in 2017, he was officially bestowed as Hanshi title posthumously.

He was known as one of the finest gentlemen Aikido practitioners in France and with his illustrious contributions to the spirit of Kobayashi Ryu Aikido, we wish him to receive the highest honor of DNBK Budo title of Hanshi.
Tesshin Hamada, President, DNBK Honbu