Salvadego Shihan

Salvadego Shihan

I started the practice of Aikido in 1969 under the direction of Master Tada Hiroshi and Master Fujimoto Yoji.

I follow the teachings of Master Cognard since 1985. Thanks to Cognard Hanshi I had the opportunity to get closer to Kobayashi Hirokazu Soshu, for whom I organized some seminars in Venice.

In September 1989, at the request of Kobayashi Soshu, I established the “Accademia di Aikido e Cultura Tradizionale Giapponese” (AACTG), i.e. “Academy of Aikido and Traditional Japanese Culture”.

In 1998 I received the honor of being among the founding members of the “Kokusai Aikido Kenshukai Kobayashi Hirokazu Ryu Ha” (KakKHrh).

I am currently Nanadan, holding the titles of Shihan of the “KakKHrh” and Kyoshi of the “Dai Nippon Butokukai” (DNBK).

I organize both Aikido and Aikishintaiso seminars on behalf of my Master André Cognard. I myself conduct Aikido seminars in Italy, Europe and abroad, as well as Aikishintaiso seminars and workshops (atelier d’Aikishintaiso), with Master André Cognard’s approval.

My life is devoted to Aikido and my calling is to constantly develop and transmit the teaching of my Master in any country or place.